Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flashing a Motherboard can lead to bricking

I found out that a simple risky task known as updating a firmware PCS Bios. can lead to bricking it
if done incorrectly. sometimes its safe unless you want what your doing. but others not very safe.
One Big Mistake can bring a motherboard to a complete Halt

but by doing a Flash Bios Operation. it will fully erase all blocks just by overwriting, writing it from a ROM BIOS into an EPPROM and program it. as a saying goes

""if it isnt broken" Dont fix it

you can risk the chances of getting a product bricked,and it renders of not having a workable laptop    " then is inoperable
{one big mistake does render it with nothing,but a blank screen. all the events happen in order

1.{it doesnt even turn on at all
2.what you end up with is "No post screen, No video {No beep
3. the DVD drive blinks while Fan Runs thats odd
4.and finally last {{ the product gets bricked.

happy computing

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