Saturday, April 13, 2013

great night at greering for autism night

tonight was the big night that we party started doing karoade, but at one time. i had to hand the waitress my debit card, but he said i would give them a tip.otherwise the meal was free
,i had a cheeseburger, and then brandon had three riffle ticklets, while i had one,and then

brandon was close to winning from three tichlets at once
i had fun,but it was great. i went to grooving for autism with brandon for todays theapys soultions
i sing a song and passed buttons out

happy computing

Sunday, April 7, 2013

the great 5-day road trip to texas

last week me and brandon visited amys ampartment while going to on a road trip to texas. but it was fun

the first day, we drave to texas, it was a long trip, but chicago was the longest, i mean.
chicago was 16 hours to get to.

the second day, we went to serval places, went to the rodel and had fun at the same time, but we had to ride the zipper where you being locked inside of a cagle, im very surpirsed brandons phone
didnt drop out flying. and finally we were all tried

the third day, i purchased something from the bookstore, but the book was called Networking all-in-one. and then we took a resting place in amy, codys ampartment

fourth day, we ate at lunch,and then we went to the beach. for a good 41 mintues, i had nice chocltes
on, i feel glad that i didnt get sunburned at all, but it was good help by having good chocltes on.

the fifth day which was the last day we went to dinner with a famlly, had seafood with shrimp, and
chocloclate milk, but it was good

happy computing