Thursday, November 27, 2014

best part of listening to the podcast of using an hard disk Enclouce for data recovery

probarly the best part of listening to a podcast is if you used the windows computer and you unplug the hard drive from a windows computer. hook it on a Enclouce with USB and use it on a Mac
denfillty wipes away all the data it doesnt warn you.
I heard that someone did this on their own backup external disk and lost about 500 GB of data

happy computing

PS eil the computer guy
Using a hard disk enclosure for data recovery

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

my mouth is feeling better

after  serveral days of taking special meciane Patterson gluconate. my mouth is feeling better

happy computing

Sunday, October 5, 2014

a very rough day for me

when today after I went to my dentist appointment on Thursday. somehow my Tongue
was pinched after I was sleeping
four days was when I think when my Tongue was burning

and then today. I had a hot dog with keatheup, then my chips had salt. and it was burning
while we were in the car. I had to put ice on my Tongue. then water, and then ice again

happy computing

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flashing a Motherboard can lead to bricking

I found out that a simple risky task known as updating a firmware PCS Bios. can lead to bricking it
if done incorrectly. sometimes its safe unless you want what your doing. but others not very safe.
One Big Mistake can bring a motherboard to a complete Halt

but by doing a Flash Bios Operation. it will fully erase all blocks just by overwriting, writing it from a ROM BIOS into an EPPROM and program it. as a saying goes

""if it isnt broken" Dont fix it

you can risk the chances of getting a product bricked,and it renders of not having a workable laptop    " then is inoperable
{one big mistake does render it with nothing,but a blank screen. all the events happen in order

1.{it doesnt even turn on at all
2.what you end up with is "No post screen, No video {No beep
3. the DVD drive blinks while Fan Runs thats odd
4.and finally last {{ the product gets bricked.

happy computing

Sunday, April 13, 2014

useful storm shelter installed at moms house

today we now have the storm cellar installed and it provides useful underground just in case if bad comes to worst. inside it will be very dark when closed. and we have lighting there. its very safe to go to when theres bad weather coming. and that today is windy

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I got a 2DS and a 2. year replacement plan

this year, I got a two target gift cards,which i got for a 2DS at target. they offered me a 2-year Replacement Plan, at that time, it was worth to get the plan,
I saved the receipt just in Case
i like the new system, it has excllect features such as Spotpass, Nintendo Eshop where they offer downloads,

and for the walmart gift card . I will Get Pokemon X. this is the new geneation

happy computing