Friday, December 21, 2012

A great speech conference

last week we went to a speech conference to talk about Autism and davids story through the years
of going to school, he had a great school expercice, and then we had a swaky movie that everyboby
was being a movie star,
there was a lot of people there,it was a classroom full of teachers
and then we talked about bees knees, it was really exciting, and then
i sold many notecards,prints

we had a great time

happy computing

Monday, December 10, 2012

the awesome six-day roap trip to chiago

the first day we began our jouney to kansas city, and to chicago

the second day we saw a big city that was night, chicago, then we got checked in to this nice hotel

the discount motel we stayed in was OAK 112, it was really nice,and that we were on the third

on the third day, we walked a lot, and by the time,davids legs were tried, we walked to the-one-of-a-kind show and there was a lot of people,we got ideas for painting something new

on the 4th day and last day of chicago, we had donuts and then I had cnocut snowball, then we
went to an art muniarn, later we went a pizza restaruat and in the walls you could write it
with a marker

on the 5th day, we left chicago, and it was a long ride, it was 8 hours, then we had pizza
we stayed at megan and jordons house

in the end it was worth it that were back home again,great excerice
happy computing
note from Dee:  We have updated David's blog so that anybody can leave a comment, sorry I had the settings wrong!  Please feel free to comment.  Also, for the full report and pictures you can read the Brandon version here at Bee's Knees Online.