Friday, August 17, 2012

the best room in american inn and gave a speech

yeaurday we stayed at them motel and then i hooked up the ninteno gamecube by putting
the three correct, and then it worked.
madill, and then today we game a speech to a lot of teachers, i was talking about my paintings, bees knees program, and finally selling the last copies of it. i got $46.00

we went to dinner, i had machin phoaotops and gravy, an a hamburger
then we went to thrift store and i got three new books

it was a very good day

happy computing

how we lost electricity in the ice storm in the middle of the night

in the middle of the night overnight by morning 6:32 of december 17. everything including the TV
was out of electricity and we had to do something else besides waiting for the power to come back on. we had to read books, while keith was warming the fireplace. it was a beatiful storm. then it started with the worst we had to stay for 6 days without electricity
dad happened with the same thing, trying to stay warm, there was 48,000 people without electricity
it was quite a while and I dont remember anything what we all did.

the Last day on december 22,we played Board games. and then we played Sorry with Amy, Justin,Me, Dee.

finally on dec. 23 in the afternoon, our power came back on, thankfully

happy computing