Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 5 was the best and the ceartion

we had a blast at the art camp, and we made 9 paintings, two of them were finished

Day 1 in the morning was drawing everything we could always wanted, and them gray wanted us to do a landscape painting
on Day 2, the news reporter came to video us doing artwork of stickey notes and them the interview
went pretty good
On Day 3, we took pages out of a old book to make portpies, good faces of everybody, in the afternoon we worked hard doing spraypainting old floppies and
On day 4, we were finishing the stickey notes then we moved all of the stickey notes

on Day 5, we were storytelling a story which was 9 pages on what happened next after the story,
named some prt piceaes, gary came finishing the landscape, but the best part of the day was muuush pupleing the gift cards with ggiiigity on all 8 of them, after it was finished, I Had to let the  Glue dry

guests bloggers;

Brandon - I had a really good time working with all my friends this week! They are really cool!

Kari, Ryan and Kevin - We had a great time in OK.  We went to the Sam Noble Museum, OK Zoo, Yukon City Park and to Grandpa's favorite Rock Hunting spot.  We enjoyed all of our adventures in OK this week. 

Justin - David and I have been working out together. David can do 20 pushups without stopping and 7 pull-ups. He's been getting alot stronger. I have also been working alot too. I am ready to go back to school though!

happy computing

Thursday, June 14, 2012

discussed Art Camp at Party

today we discussed the art camp and it will be a lot of fun. good new friends helping there
the Big swawmy art camp
we had pizza, brain storming some ideas to make the art camp the best.
then we had an interview with zac and brandon, told what my favorite things were

my favorite things were: Computers, Shopping & Credit cards.

1st big project im doing is: Expired Credit cards and evoluation/how its made
2nd Big Project im doing is: Smartphones/ Pdas/ Cell phones

happy computing