Friday, October 5, 2012

The Last day at the state Fair was great

last Sunday, we went to the State Fair with everyone, including me, Dad

I had cheese Nichhos there

we both shared a funnel Cake, it was strawberries with cool whip
we both had 10 tickets to ride two rides which was a good deal

one of the rides I liked was The Vertigo. it was a High Hightets ride, and then at 190 feet we went
very high up at the air on the very top. it was like a swing going into a cicle, and then finally going up
doing the same thing

happy computing

A great weekend with Bradon at moms house

it was a really great weekend, on the first day I played The Hobbit on the PS2, we where on the second level where it starting raining, werewovles attacking,

the Second Day was funny Stuff Happening while at the Festavi, The Mexican Girls Dancing in
Spapish, The German black guy that speaks another langaure German, and then we went to a bookstore, and finally to Cuppies and Joes, I had Sunrise Sunset

on the last day of Sunday, we went to Cristys House

we had frozen pizza by warming it up, Done a new painting with gift cards again,

happy computing

the funniest thing that happened yestaury

we stayed at grandpas new cabin. where we were there, all of a sudden cows come to the back windon watching over us, what was funny was 7 cows coming all at all, two of them licked at
the windon, turned out funny as unexpected, and really sllly,

in the evening there were sleeping in davids windon

happy computing

the speech at edmond schools

we went to a speech at edmond schools talking about bees knees. we were in the classroom giving
a speech and I did very well. I talked about how our bussiness was going, talked about my paintings
there, met some new friends, they all liked my paintings, gave them notecards,
you can store food recipes,write love letters,write passwords
it was good, I told them there were $10

then we went to lunch at panga bread
in the evening we went to see a movie. it was better,

happy computing