Friday, December 21, 2012

A great speech conference

last week we went to a speech conference to talk about Autism and davids story through the years
of going to school, he had a great school expercice, and then we had a swaky movie that everyboby
was being a movie star,
there was a lot of people there,it was a classroom full of teachers
and then we talked about bees knees, it was really exciting, and then
i sold many notecards,prints

we had a great time

happy computing

Monday, December 10, 2012

the awesome six-day roap trip to chiago

the first day we began our jouney to kansas city, and to chicago

the second day we saw a big city that was night, chicago, then we got checked in to this nice hotel

the discount motel we stayed in was OAK 112, it was really nice,and that we were on the third

on the third day, we walked a lot, and by the time,davids legs were tried, we walked to the-one-of-a-kind show and there was a lot of people,we got ideas for painting something new

on the 4th day and last day of chicago, we had donuts and then I had cnocut snowball, then we
went to an art muniarn, later we went a pizza restaruat and in the walls you could write it
with a marker

on the 5th day, we left chicago, and it was a long ride, it was 8 hours, then we had pizza
we stayed at megan and jordons house

in the end it was worth it that were back home again,great excerice
happy computing
note from Dee:  We have updated David's blog so that anybody can leave a comment, sorry I had the settings wrong!  Please feel free to comment.  Also, for the full report and pictures you can read the Brandon version here at Bee's Knees Online.

Friday, November 23, 2012

the perfectest day of black friday at the Mall & IHOP

today was the the big day that we went on a advanacaer of black friday, also being the first time
going to see this event. the beginning of christmas season,

we went to the Mall and went to Sears looking for a tie that brankon would wear to the swaky movie
we looked at books at burrnes & Noble
i Had a fun day expcerering black friday, it was really crazy when we went to best buy
And then we went to -I-HOP for lunch i had a pancake, it really turned out
perfect as unexcexpted, then it made my day

the last thing that i would do to end black friday night was watching The Grand Finale of
Icariy, and then the ending sence will be sad........ sad tune where the music is playing he says I will miss you guys. his farster says the director will be fnishing the show

happy computing

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a happy thanskgiving dinner

today we had Brandon,Grand, justinamy come to moms thanskgiving dinner
I had Green beans, melted cheese braaare, mash protoes, and ham

This is Amy, David's sister.  Today is a great Thanksgiving because all of the family is together.  David carved the turkey this year.  He did a great job.

This is Brandon. We're having a great time together. We're great friends. Everything turned out great!

Hi, I'm Gran.  Great job   David on carving the turkey! Lots of good food and good company too.

This thanksgiving has been excellent we all ate lots of food. Everybody got really tired after we were done eating. I also told David that he said that tomorrow is the last iCarly episode.

happy computing

tommorow being the The Last Icarly Grand Finale

justin told me that i Said that tommorow is going to be. A last iCarly esipode Grand Finale
in this esipode his Dad his special guest has iCarly going to a Air force for a special

but it will be funny and sad. but the beginning of a new show which will replace
ICARLY- its the grand finale

...a new show will come. called SAM and Cat.

happy computing

Monday, November 19, 2012

Great thanksgiving dinner at YFS

today we had a dinner for everyboby to come, ashley was getting raffle tickets
i done a wonderful done getting all these people
then i had mash protatoes and gavary
there was a lot of people there, I met 86 people while we were selling prints and calanders
megan was there feeling how proud i was at discissing floopy disks,technology
it was really great

happy computing

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Last day at the state Fair was great

last Sunday, we went to the State Fair with everyone, including me, Dad

I had cheese Nichhos there

we both shared a funnel Cake, it was strawberries with cool whip
we both had 10 tickets to ride two rides which was a good deal

one of the rides I liked was The Vertigo. it was a High Hightets ride, and then at 190 feet we went
very high up at the air on the very top. it was like a swing going into a cicle, and then finally going up
doing the same thing

happy computing

A great weekend with Bradon at moms house

it was a really great weekend, on the first day I played The Hobbit on the PS2, we where on the second level where it starting raining, werewovles attacking,

the Second Day was funny Stuff Happening while at the Festavi, The Mexican Girls Dancing in
Spapish, The German black guy that speaks another langaure German, and then we went to a bookstore, and finally to Cuppies and Joes, I had Sunrise Sunset

on the last day of Sunday, we went to Cristys House

we had frozen pizza by warming it up, Done a new painting with gift cards again,

happy computing

the funniest thing that happened yestaury

we stayed at grandpas new cabin. where we were there, all of a sudden cows come to the back windon watching over us, what was funny was 7 cows coming all at all, two of them licked at
the windon, turned out funny as unexpected, and really sllly,

in the evening there were sleeping in davids windon

happy computing

the speech at edmond schools

we went to a speech at edmond schools talking about bees knees. we were in the classroom giving
a speech and I did very well. I talked about how our bussiness was going, talked about my paintings
there, met some new friends, they all liked my paintings, gave them notecards,
you can store food recipes,write love letters,write passwords
it was good, I told them there were $10

then we went to lunch at panga bread
in the evening we went to see a movie. it was better,

happy computing

Friday, August 17, 2012

the best room in american inn and gave a speech

yeaurday we stayed at them motel and then i hooked up the ninteno gamecube by putting
the three correct, and then it worked.
madill, and then today we game a speech to a lot of teachers, i was talking about my paintings, bees knees program, and finally selling the last copies of it. i got $46.00

we went to dinner, i had machin phoaotops and gravy, an a hamburger
then we went to thrift store and i got three new books

it was a very good day

happy computing

how we lost electricity in the ice storm in the middle of the night

in the middle of the night overnight by morning 6:32 of december 17. everything including the TV
was out of electricity and we had to do something else besides waiting for the power to come back on. we had to read books, while keith was warming the fireplace. it was a beatiful storm. then it started with the worst we had to stay for 6 days without electricity
dad happened with the same thing, trying to stay warm, there was 48,000 people without electricity
it was quite a while and I dont remember anything what we all did.

the Last day on december 22,we played Board games. and then we played Sorry with Amy, Justin,Me, Dee.

finally on dec. 23 in the afternoon, our power came back on, thankfully

happy computing

Saturday, July 28, 2012

going out to dinner

it was a dinner church about india, there were friends there, john, chrisee,Matt,Janny, meinda
there was good music and a photo slideshow of whats happening in india
I had steak,chicken,green beans
we both clapped as I choose the Best parter, meinda, danced

I like it.

happy computing

The Bestest swanky art show

we had a blast on the art show on July 6th. there was a lot of people, the art show was perfect,excllect.
we bid the oringal MasterPieces, we kept going and going talking to people, made a lot of money
giving out flowers to all the wonderful girls.
in the end we were tired for all the hard work we did, it was a great success  

happy computing

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 5 was the best and the ceartion

we had a blast at the art camp, and we made 9 paintings, two of them were finished

Day 1 in the morning was drawing everything we could always wanted, and them gray wanted us to do a landscape painting
on Day 2, the news reporter came to video us doing artwork of stickey notes and them the interview
went pretty good
On Day 3, we took pages out of a old book to make portpies, good faces of everybody, in the afternoon we worked hard doing spraypainting old floppies and
On day 4, we were finishing the stickey notes then we moved all of the stickey notes

on Day 5, we were storytelling a story which was 9 pages on what happened next after the story,
named some prt piceaes, gary came finishing the landscape, but the best part of the day was muuush pupleing the gift cards with ggiiigity on all 8 of them, after it was finished, I Had to let the  Glue dry

guests bloggers;

Brandon - I had a really good time working with all my friends this week! They are really cool!

Kari, Ryan and Kevin - We had a great time in OK.  We went to the Sam Noble Museum, OK Zoo, Yukon City Park and to Grandpa's favorite Rock Hunting spot.  We enjoyed all of our adventures in OK this week. 

Justin - David and I have been working out together. David can do 20 pushups without stopping and 7 pull-ups. He's been getting alot stronger. I have also been working alot too. I am ready to go back to school though!

happy computing

Thursday, June 14, 2012

discussed Art Camp at Party

today we discussed the art camp and it will be a lot of fun. good new friends helping there
the Big swawmy art camp
we had pizza, brain storming some ideas to make the art camp the best.
then we had an interview with zac and brandon, told what my favorite things were

my favorite things were: Computers, Shopping & Credit cards.

1st big project im doing is: Expired Credit cards and evoluation/how its made
2nd Big Project im doing is: Smartphones/ Pdas/ Cell phones

happy computing

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A sursprice 50th Birthday & And the Arts Fest.

today went a super really lucky 50 day, we both went in the hot tub, and it was warm we had kids there
Cake, Soda, lots of food new things to try, it went super

then later went to the steakhouse dinner, and I had a cheeseburger, there were funny jokes in the
preious years, mom was there, the best of all is mom surived the lucky number 50. which
made it be a lucky day, lots of money

brandon tagged me on facebook, getting many likes, talking about my Future Career. how I got
my book, what the job would be like, today went a super day

last. we went to the arts festival, and we sold a lot of prints, what had been stressful was brandon told
me that I should never grab peoples arms, and there were walking away.
I had to do it by waving hands to get peoples attention, and there we got people coming
to show us off the artwork

happy computing

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Capital tommorow

tommorow we will be going to the capital to do a scorpear art, Rep. Ben ccsee wants us to do a painting
i love going to the capital. brandom, me, and my mom ask him what the scorpear needs to look like
brandom wants to go to lunch, and that i get dreesed up wearing that new shirt.

happy computing

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The austim piace walk

today went a super fantasic day, we had a rattle tickets and somebody won it, we sold notcards, we meet a lot of people
all my friends were there, llndsoy was there telling them all about their artwork,
at the ball park in bricktown,
brandon was really good telling them about their artwork, the rattle,
it was super

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a happy 23th Birthday

we went to john carinos and I had Bacon Pizza, I know it was my birthday, I got awesome presents, The smores, Totth Fairy 2, and shrek forever after, brandon got me cupcakes

Justin,Brandom, they came with me

happy computing

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

gorrraers conference tommorow

tommorow we will be going to the embassy suites conference, and we will be staying at the hotel.
bees knees will be there selling prints of there oringal work with brandon.
its going to be a lot of fun.
im taking my DVD player and theres a movie inside.

happy computing

Friday, March 30, 2012

the Good Day at Orange Leaf

today went a super fanstaic day, we went to Orange Leaf, and I was doing the Hard Way...Handing out
broooadders while they getting Youaart, we kept going and Going untill we Packed All our Stuff.
I was a big help at. I saw mark and patty

we sold a lot of stuff, and thank you for our cousin Laura

Cookies and Cream with Rasberry

Happy Computing

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shreks Last Movie in the series, Shrek Forever After

Shrek Once Again wented to a Once in A LifeTime. Orge for a Day for the Full 24 Hours, its just
like..... ITs a wonderful Life. but Shrek got Tricked into Signing something knowing that in the End
of the movie, He Shared True Loves Kiss, and finally he dispalllled,

the real shreks world is restored. ending in a Birthday Party where he had Kids,

there was a beaififul Timeline of Shreks Past- from the First three Movies at the ending Scence.

good thing he made it on time before the Hourglass has its Last Drop, and then The Kiss Worked
what a good Time to end the Shrek Movie Series.

happy computing

I liked this movie, it was so better then the third one.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kevin Rykard Dentist Experenice

Tommorow Morning we will be going to the dentist to clean our teeth, and to take care of them
he really took care of my teeth. it was a very awarding experenice.

I stay at moms house when were ready to go.

Happy computing

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Big Speech Tommorow

me and I are going to give a speech. I will show them my newest painting from bees knees. I like living them in my own house, we also gong to talk about fun things we do at bees knees,

my lastest painting Masterprice Science in Space but isnt done yet. the Soloar system and plaents.

Happy Computing

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Design two chhceces

Kristin, and Andrea were meeting us with Bees kness, with a project thank you art. wanting us to do a art
project for her bussiness two chhceces

we had a visitor come
the rest of the day we sorted out notecards on every table, aliie was getting six enveelops

then we had cake.

happy Computing

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being on Tv the big day

Ksbi and I got be on the morning show, and we are going to talk about bees knees, im going to say david whats your favorite thing about bees knees, doing something I never done
im excixitied to see the big cameras, talk to famous people, i hope i get to tell them about being lucky,maybe there having a contest

make sure you watch us
happy computing

Friday, January 20, 2012

The SOPA Bill and The last day Acer Lame gift

Sopa is making changes to the Bill  after a Strong Voice came 25,000,00 signatures, they where so good
that they meitted their servers,

also that today is the last day to enter in the ACER lame gift, bees knees it luached today go check it out

Happy computing

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A sick day yestary,

yestary Justin made me a gatoorry Drink and we were all clean right to go dads, but then I throw up on

today I spent the day at moms, and that im going to home,
I had to miss bees knees today

but im going to bees knees on thursday

happy computing

Friday, January 6, 2012

double christmas gifts at Dads

I got Pcs Simpled, Post-it Notes, Computer Book, truamp,Choattatic Candy, Peanut Butter Snacks

it was super, amd It was a lucky christmas, I got so many things

Happy Computing