Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky 13 brings 03/13/13. a day of top 13 memories

today must must of being a special day, it brings all the 13 memories
12.yeaurty at the science meanum. we had good times and sunndly realceing that today really brings
the best 13 memories
11. my top 13 movies since i watched in the past.
10. there were 13 weather radios, but I had one,but it was the Oregain scienfitic, and it was yellow
it was the first old radio, since i owned that the capital, we took this beatiriful special painting to rep,ben shardder, so far he liked it

8. when i had 7 computers, it brought good old times, that i had a,,,Dell,Toshiba,packard bell
7. the ice storm that we waited for back in 2007,was 12 days before when the power came back
on.but i was surpired im going to visit the dentist this morning, glad that i will sleep there.
5.since we went to texas, it was so fun that i liked it, went to dinner, stayed at amys ampartment
4.having a good mom, brough me to good places, but its going to a thrift store
3, drinking a whole gallon of chococolate milk, good thing I stayed in top shape
2. having cats was the mostest exirsteing
1. when i had my 1st birthday, i got so exited that i grew up with far its been the best

happy computing