Friday, November 23, 2012

the perfectest day of black friday at the Mall & IHOP

today was the the big day that we went on a advanacaer of black friday, also being the first time
going to see this event. the beginning of christmas season,

we went to the Mall and went to Sears looking for a tie that brankon would wear to the swaky movie
we looked at books at burrnes & Noble
i Had a fun day expcerering black friday, it was really crazy when we went to best buy
And then we went to -I-HOP for lunch i had a pancake, it really turned out
perfect as unexcexpted, then it made my day

the last thing that i would do to end black friday night was watching The Grand Finale of
Icariy, and then the ending sence will be sad........ sad tune where the music is playing he says I will miss you guys. his farster says the director will be fnishing the show

happy computing

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a happy thanskgiving dinner

today we had Brandon,Grand, justinamy come to moms thanskgiving dinner
I had Green beans, melted cheese braaare, mash protoes, and ham

This is Amy, David's sister.  Today is a great Thanksgiving because all of the family is together.  David carved the turkey this year.  He did a great job.

This is Brandon. We're having a great time together. We're great friends. Everything turned out great!

Hi, I'm Gran.  Great job   David on carving the turkey! Lots of good food and good company too.

This thanksgiving has been excellent we all ate lots of food. Everybody got really tired after we were done eating. I also told David that he said that tomorrow is the last iCarly episode.

happy computing

tommorow being the The Last Icarly Grand Finale

justin told me that i Said that tommorow is going to be. A last iCarly esipode Grand Finale
in this esipode his Dad his special guest has iCarly going to a Air force for a special

but it will be funny and sad. but the beginning of a new show which will replace
ICARLY- its the grand finale

...a new show will come. called SAM and Cat.

happy computing

Monday, November 19, 2012

Great thanksgiving dinner at YFS

today we had a dinner for everyboby to come, ashley was getting raffle tickets
i done a wonderful done getting all these people
then i had mash protatoes and gavary
there was a lot of people there, I met 86 people while we were selling prints and calanders
megan was there feeling how proud i was at discissing floopy disks,technology
it was really great

happy computing