Friday, March 30, 2012

the Good Day at Orange Leaf

today went a super fanstaic day, we went to Orange Leaf, and I was doing the Hard Way...Handing out
broooadders while they getting Youaart, we kept going and Going untill we Packed All our Stuff.
I was a big help at. I saw mark and patty

we sold a lot of stuff, and thank you for our cousin Laura

Cookies and Cream with Rasberry

Happy Computing

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shreks Last Movie in the series, Shrek Forever After

Shrek Once Again wented to a Once in A LifeTime. Orge for a Day for the Full 24 Hours, its just
like..... ITs a wonderful Life. but Shrek got Tricked into Signing something knowing that in the End
of the movie, He Shared True Loves Kiss, and finally he dispalllled,

the real shreks world is restored. ending in a Birthday Party where he had Kids,

there was a beaififul Timeline of Shreks Past- from the First three Movies at the ending Scence.

good thing he made it on time before the Hourglass has its Last Drop, and then The Kiss Worked
what a good Time to end the Shrek Movie Series.

happy computing

I liked this movie, it was so better then the third one.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kevin Rykard Dentist Experenice

Tommorow Morning we will be going to the dentist to clean our teeth, and to take care of them
he really took care of my teeth. it was a very awarding experenice.

I stay at moms house when were ready to go.

Happy computing

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Big Speech Tommorow

me and I are going to give a speech. I will show them my newest painting from bees knees. I like living them in my own house, we also gong to talk about fun things we do at bees knees,

my lastest painting Masterprice Science in Space but isnt done yet. the Soloar system and plaents.

Happy Computing