Saturday, November 26, 2011

my chistmas list for this year

what i planning to get this chistmas............
terp to clean up paint messes
pastels, to draw candas pictures,
Pokemon leafgreen, to get all the collections and more saved games,
lucky charms, special shooting stars
Barnes & noblie gift card, to get computer books.
USB frinderprint reader, to stay more sucured and happy

we putted up a chistmas tree with old ornanents

happy computing

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dashs Statue at marlow

we went to grands house and while on the way we saw Dashs Statue taking pictures in front of them
he looked like Dash. i took your picture with him,

Happy computing

Thursday, November 24, 2011

confusing french spaniah guy at embassy suites conference

a guy came up to me and we talked and this is how it went

David: "I explanning the prints."
Spanish Man: "bonsriorshof bonshorsof el nino"
David: "I need to renew my warranty"

I told him to buy a print with All Max security protection.

Happy computing

Our Texas Road Trip and at the Beach

last 1 year and a half. we went to texas and stayed at Codys apartment in houston, rided the water park rides, there was a long line that we had to wait longer to be able to ride that one ride. then we went to the beach, because on the last day we got sunburned. and stayed at motel 6. their WIFI wasnt free. I had to pay to access it. but we did it.

Happy computing

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the dressing up with Dash As Santa

our best Idea from tonight was the Dash was going to dressing up as santa. it was a Loyal metting. there was a lot of people. we pass out books and broaddders.

we stopped at macalesters. I had Two Peanut brater sandites and then Mac & cheese.

happy computing
to see me in a boat check out

Two Double Posts. the Autism Conference & The YFS thanksgiving

It was an awesome week because I got the broow brandons Ipod at The autism conference. we sold a lot of clanders, and prints. the sale keeped going and it was a huge hit. we were up to the tenthh floor which was the Best. we had pizza for lunch. my best part was letting brandon boorow me my IPOD.

The YFS thanksgiving was toally the best. we had a lot of people coming to the Art show. we made a lot of money and then rafting tickets. bradon was a great help to taking care of things.

happy computing

Thursday, November 17, 2011

good awesome day at the arts festful

we had existing news at the  SNU  arts festful. we sold prints. I did everything brandon told me to. it was good. chrrritt was there, Matt,jackason,greg

then we had pizza and take a walk excising. it was very windy,

happy computing

Friday, November 11, 2011

the special day being 11/11/11

it was a exiting day, it will never be 11/11/11 again. going back to the future. veru lucky day to me. my laptop warranty never expired becuase I got unlmate protection for another 4 years

Happy computing

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WillEnergy Metting for austim

we discuiited how we meeted Dash at the Pice walk, it was the loyal group that is going to help us with the pieace walk

I gave them a journel,i told them about bees knees,i told them about my computer book and security devies, they gave you candy

overall feeling was yes i like it, but i got tired for that

happy computing