Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exlliect trip to arkansas, with Crystal diging

last two weeks ago, we stayed in the cabins to see dooog, and we cooked hot dogs, roasted mashllows, digging for treausues, went to the pond to get rocks, wearing water shoes, and finally watching Glee in the king size bed, we had a lot of fun.

today we went shopping to get justin new shoes, grand come up, we ate at prannada bread, we discuuited the cristmas list............................................................

Stisky notes, Maxinux PC, Film Camera,Lucky Charms,Pokemon Leafgreen, and USB frinderprint reader

happy Computing

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Painting of a Electrical disater

today we went to rose state college and we had a blast. first thing i did was painted a Toaster with electric
applicences in a bathtub. in the picture. it shoot out sparks, people feeling geting shorked,causing a fire, and ruining the appliance, we had pizza, handing out brcouoaes,

tonight we took brandon to dinner for his birthday. I ate big pizzas, ad now Im on a dite, to helping brashing my teeth,

Happy computing

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fun Times at friehtfest, The Special Invitation Event

we rided four rides of rocclarcosters, The Time Machine, Fouture Wheel, Sliver Ballet, Steel Lasso,
then at the end, we visted the haunted house for the first time, and it was very scary
it was a great awarding experenice, next year we will be planning to go again


happy computing

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bees knees trip to the capital.

we went to the capital to deliiver the okalhoma painting. we were up to the fourth floor in the houses,rep. ben sherrer liked it. and made a key of all names and nature things of oklahoma, sold it for a lot of money ..........
I cant beliieve we sold it for that much money.
and then we went to lunch at someplace else that had hot dogs

Happy computing