Thursday, November 28, 2013

My created crossword review

today I made my own technology crossword filed by computing triva, then on my yahoo mail
i created another one thats worthy 26 pages for the clues. as you get to higher numbers difficulty will increase.the number will go all 1 through 145,and then, 145 to 344 questions on the newest crossword
puzzle it will be super hard.

it took me 8 hours to create this
on my yahoo mail took me 13 hours for a super long list of 344 words,time well spent

happy computing

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Great goodies awesome technolgy

totday i had a box full of technolgy,a system case taking apart. a drive cage,floppy drive
RAM memory sticks, and linksys wireless usn network adapter
im going to paint them. what they good for.. shadow boxes

one good thing about grandpa was he worked all the way through college gartering math books, then at that time,he donated his body to OU medical science, then we meet their counins, took a picture of
their grandkids,it was a great service
in the end we are going to miss him,

happy computing

Sunday, September 1, 2013

turning a living room into a art studio

in september brandon and all the others will be meting in davids living room. to turn it into a art
studio. it will feel really good when your doing it.ashley,aliie,chris will come to
techlogy art & gift cards

happy computing

Saturday, July 6, 2013

great day at the thirft store

today we went to the heart and hand thrift store. there was a great special sale going on, it had good prices,but them i was looking for books,one good book was Email for dummies. it had the great ways
email started,but it was great

amy me and dee.

we went to the the groacy store for our house and mons, chocolate mlik,cheese puffs,oreos to go

happy computing

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the great 4-day road trip to dallas amine convension

we had lots of fiends on this trip. 16 of them all went.on a train,going to a amine convension.our costmmores were good, brandon and chris were roommates
everyone had fun.

the first day, we packed all of our most important things, got aboarded on a train, there was power
sockets there. then we took rental cars, finally going to the convension, the best part
was taking my computer bag for luch,and used it.
but after the trip,we were back home.

i had biscrruits, and eggs for breakfast
i had was awesome

happy computing

Sunday, May 5, 2013

the great may the fourth pieacewalk

yestaurary was the  autism pieacewalk funraiser it was so much fun, i said hi to every people coming to our table,and it was cold but chillty, we were selling love cards, prints,riffleing off
a special painting, we took good pictures of the constoms, all from star wars was there
it was fun

lindsey and brandon was there we were great friends

happy computing

Saturday, April 13, 2013

great night at greering for autism night

tonight was the big night that we party started doing karoade, but at one time. i had to hand the waitress my debit card, but he said i would give them a tip.otherwise the meal was free
,i had a cheeseburger, and then brandon had three riffle ticklets, while i had one,and then

brandon was close to winning from three tichlets at once
i had fun,but it was great. i went to grooving for autism with brandon for todays theapys soultions
i sing a song and passed buttons out

happy computing

Sunday, April 7, 2013

the great 5-day road trip to texas

last week me and brandon visited amys ampartment while going to on a road trip to texas. but it was fun

the first day, we drave to texas, it was a long trip, but chicago was the longest, i mean.
chicago was 16 hours to get to.

the second day, we went to serval places, went to the rodel and had fun at the same time, but we had to ride the zipper where you being locked inside of a cagle, im very surpirsed brandons phone
didnt drop out flying. and finally we were all tried

the third day, i purchased something from the bookstore, but the book was called Networking all-in-one. and then we took a resting place in amy, codys ampartment

fourth day, we ate at lunch,and then we went to the beach. for a good 41 mintues, i had nice chocltes
on, i feel glad that i didnt get sunburned at all, but it was good help by having good chocltes on.

the fifth day which was the last day we went to dinner with a famlly, had seafood with shrimp, and
chocloclate milk, but it was good

happy computing

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky 13 brings 03/13/13. a day of top 13 memories

today must must of being a special day, it brings all the 13 memories
12.yeaurty at the science meanum. we had good times and sunndly realceing that today really brings
the best 13 memories
11. my top 13 movies since i watched in the past.
10. there were 13 weather radios, but I had one,but it was the Oregain scienfitic, and it was yellow
it was the first old radio, since i owned that the capital, we took this beatiriful special painting to rep,ben shardder, so far he liked it

8. when i had 7 computers, it brought good old times, that i had a,,,Dell,Toshiba,packard bell
7. the ice storm that we waited for back in 2007,was 12 days before when the power came back
on.but i was surpired im going to visit the dentist this morning, glad that i will sleep there.
5.since we went to texas, it was so fun that i liked it, went to dinner, stayed at amys ampartment
4.having a good mom, brough me to good places, but its going to a thrift store
3, drinking a whole gallon of chococolate milk, good thing I stayed in top shape
2. having cats was the mostest exirsteing
1. when i had my 1st birthday, i got so exited that i grew up with far its been the best

happy computing

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I missed the dentist today

today when it was snowing as unpecxtered. the dentist got cancellled, i had to sleep,which was great
but i forgot about this. i know the traffic roads were sliiick because of the ice. today it felt a good
sleep day

happy computing

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ben sharrrders second prainting comes today to the capital

as we are going ready to go to the capital. we have this special oklahoma painting that is even
better for some space. I am so exciting for this. and then we will be metting with
rep,ben sherrer.
it is so heavy how the painting can go up there
were going something special for lunch,but we dont know yet,

happy computing

Saturday, January 5, 2013

a great new years party and first day 2013 arrives

last monday night was our great new years with brandon, we had pancakes and i had chococlate milk.
we went to seeerval houses that had a party with us, it was really great to actally have a party like
this. but it was fun
we watched Ice age, then i was reading computer books, and finally saw fireworks, then i through the sky was changing colors, it turned purple then it turned yellow, how exciting was that
and then on the 1st day of Janaury, 2013 arrives. it was so awesome
we had a great year.

happy computing